Client Testimonials

Brilliant! Impressive and accurate interpretation of many medical/military acronyms. Thank you for an excellent service.
Date of Posting: 10 April 2017
Posted By: Anon

The delivery from UK Transcription have always been prompt and highly professional, and this particular job was no exception. The transcription from the audio recordings of the symposium event was accurate, detailed, and delivered exactly to the day when quoted. Thank you so much! 5/5
Date of Posting: 09 August 2016
Posted By: Shawn

Clear, well laid out and accurate. I particularly like the fact that if there is a word that isn't clear there is a precise time stamp to enable me to go back to the original data. 5/5
Date of Posting: 28 July 2016
Posted By: Anonymous
Private Client

Thank you for your quick and accurate work. I appreciate you looking up terms or names like Spitalfields and for UK spell checking. 5/5
Date of Posting: 09 July 2016
Posted By: Anonymous

Outstanding service. Perfect transcribe delivered. Thanks for saving me days of work. 5/5
Date of Posting: 28 June 2016
Posted By: A Burns

Excellent transcription. Thank you.
Date of Posting: 04 June 2016
Posted By: Anonymous

Thank you so much for doing such an incredible job with this. I know it wasn't easy to listen to, with one of the accents in particular but also because of the gruesome contents. I'm so impressed with how quickly you turned it around and how you captured the essence of the conversations. Brilliantly done. 5/5
Date of Posting: 30 May 2016
Posted By: Anne-Marie
Private Client

Excellent service and great value. 5/5
Date of Posting: 24 May 2016
Posted By: CG

I just wanted to thank a transcriber who worked with this audio file for the excellent job. The transcription is excellent, including the spelling of names and places and the attention to details. Thank you very much indeed.
Date of Posting: 24 May 2016
Posted By: Anon

Great transcript! Thank you. Excellent service. Would recommend to anyone. 5/5
Date of Posting: 24 May 2016
Posted By: Alice Bragg

A great job on a difficult audio - thanks very much! 5/5
Date of Posting: 09 May 2016
Posted By: Christine
Nottingham Trent University

Looks great thank you - very accurate and efficient. 5/5.
Date of Posting: 20 April 2016
Posted By: Richard

Fabulous, I could never have done such a thorough and accurate job. 5/5
Date of Posting: 14 April 2016
Posted By: Anon

Thank you, I am very impressed, the transcriber has done a great job with paragraphs and punctuation, and also at intelligently guessing the sense, the technical vocabulary, and the proper names, with queries given a helpful temporal index in case I want to double-check them. But in fact there are literally no errors for me to fix.
Date of Posting: 12 March 2016
Posted By: Anon
Cambridge University Lecturer

Excellent. I'm particularly grateful for the time notes relating to words the transcribe can't hear/doesn't understand allowing me to check back quickly.
Date of Posting: 10 March 2016
Posted By: Anon

The quality of this transcript is first class; congratulations to the audio-typist who transcribed quite technical financial language with great accuracy and with no 'unclears' in the text.
Date of Posting: 09 March 2016
Posted By: Paul Nicholson
Thomson Reuters

This is great- so quick and thorough! Thanks so much!
Date of Posting: 09 March 2016
Posted By: Anon
Daily Mail Journalist

As always, my transcript arrived on time and in excellent shape, despite the accents of the interviewees. If I wore hats, I'd take my hat off to you guys. UK Transcription was remarkably clear and accurate, despite the fact that there were on occasion four voices (a couple speaking Dutch) speaking over each other, and despite the fact that all the people being interviewed have quite strong Dutch accents. All delivered before the deadline and at very reasonable rates. What more could you ask for? Great job, guys!
Date of Posting: 01 March 2016
Posted By: Gary Y

I am very happy with the turn-around time and accuracy of the transcription given its difficulty; many people cross-talking throughout the hour meeting. Many Thanks to the Transcriber and the great overall service.
Date of Posting: 09 September 2015
Posted By: AB

Thanks very much for the transcripts. Very accurate and well presented.
Date of Posting: 09 March 2015
Posted By: R Cooper,
Producer, BBC

Brilliant as always
Date of Posting: 15 May 2014
Posted By: JR
Bristol University

Excellent! I am very impressed, pleased and satisfied. Thank you very much!
Date of Posting: 24 February 2014
Posted By: Brian Sibley

First class. Perfectly accurate. Even the elements marked as in doubt were accurate.
Date of Posting: 20 February 2014
Posted By: CC

The conditions for interview were bad and there was a lot of traffic noice. The transcriber has done a very good job.
Date of Posting: 15 January 2014
Posted By: MM

Thank you for sending me the transcript ahead of schedule. The quality of the work is excellent.
Date of Posting: 15 January 2014
Posted By: Mr Adams

You have done a fantastic job transcribing a rather inaudible interview recording! These transcripts are a crucial part of my doctoral studies. I shall be sending more business your way. Thanks
Date of Posting: 18 December 2013
Posted By: Anon

Very well done. Very pleased.
Date of Posting: 11 November 2013
Posted By: Caritas Social Action Network

Great turnaround and very easy to use. Nice helpful people.
Monique Cure
Date of Posting: 14 October 2013
Posted By: M.C.

Very good result, thank you very much.
Date of Posting: 10 October 2013
Posted By: R Green

Thanks for this excellent work. I really admire the way the transcriber has used their intelligence to interpret (correctly) some words whose sense is implicit in the interview.
Date of Posting: 12 August 2013
Posted By: Anon

Excellent work. Quick turnaround, flawless transcript.
Date of Posting: 31 July 2013
Posted By: D Pilat

Yet again, UK Transcription excel themselves. No matter how complex the subject matter, the transcripts are always accurate and usually delivered well in advance of the deadline. Fantastic value and service and very highly recommended.
Date of Posting: 24 June 2013
Posted By: Brainwave Media Limited

What an excellent service - quick, reasonably priced and saved me hours of work.

Very easy to use.

Would highly recommend.

Many thanks,

Jayne Cunningham
Date of Posting: 15 May 2013
Posted By: Jayne Cunningham
Lead dyslexia tutor

I just wanted to express my deep appreciation for the faultless service you and your team provided for me.
If you would be so good as to pass on my thanks to the transcribers who worked on my files I would be most grateful.

I'm very impressed! Thank you.

All good things to you and your team.
Date of Posting: 13 May 2013
Posted By: RS

Extremely fast service - Very impressed
Date of Posting: 11 May 2013
Posted By: Alex Barker - University of Nottingham

Thanks SO much for turning this round so quickly. I know it was only a small job, but it mattered to us!
Date of Posting: 15 April 2013
Posted By: LHT

I’m very impressed with the quality, compared to a US-based transcription service I have been using, who actually rejected the two files you transcribed as being unusable, but you seemed to have had no problems. I was impressed.

Maybe they have problems with British idioms and accents, but in any case their transcripts are very liberally peppered with ‘inaudible’ flags and the transcribed output is very fragmented as a result.

Yours is like a breath of fresh air in comparison.
Date of Posting: 21 September 2012
Posted By: Anon

I just wanted to say thanks for the quick turnaround of my audio interviews - the accents weren't a problem, I could see! I am very happy with the results.

A very special thank you to Alanna for her patience with answering my questions. I'm so impressed that I'm definitely using them again!
Date of Posting: 22 July 2012
Posted By: Abidemi Sanusi

Thanks so much for your accurate transcription which demonstrated great attention to detail and immaculate punctuation! You dealt with an echo problem on one side of the interview admirably. The transcript was delivered on deadline. I'll definitely use your services again.
Date of Posting: 06 February 2012
Posted By: Tom Cooper

I was amazed at the speed of return of the transcripts and how well presented they were. I am looking forward to working with them again.
Date of Posting: 05 December 2011
Posted By: Noelle Keating
Team Coordinator

I am a mature student having had successful and eventful careers in social work, social housing and community health, including running my own business for 10 years. I am undertaking my PhD at Durham University, full time, in narrative research, at the School of Applied Social Sciences.

Part of my project is the use of a participatory research approach, combining an autobiographical ethnographic narrative, in the exploration of how the experience of being a resident in an orphanage for a significant period of time as a child, influences the life course of males who resided in such institutions.

This entails undertaking a significant number of semi-structured interviews with former children of one particular orphanage, who are now adults, whose ages range from 58-80. I use UK transcriptions for all my transcripts and i am delighted with the service, the speed, the accuracy, and the courtesy, which is first class. I will not use another service as a result.

Kindest regards

Date of Posting: 30 November 2011
Posted By: David Divine
PhD student

As a first time user of UK Transcription, I found staff to be helpful and informative at the outset. They were clear about pricing and delivery. I was very pleased with the presentation and quality of the finished product. Thank you.
Date of Posting: 24 October 2011
Posted By: Anon
Executive Assistant's-membership.aspx

UK Transcription is a highly professional organisation. I found their services to be of a particularly high standard and the project was completed in record time.
Date of Posting: 21 October 2011
Posted By: Carl Adams
Marketing Manager

I used this service for transcribing long interviews conducted for academic research purposes. I was extremely impressed all round and will certainly use the service again. All email interactions before and after the transcript was complete were clear, friendly and prompt. The transcript was highly detailed and presented in a clear and easy to navigate format.
Date of Posting: 14 October 2011
Posted By: Anon
Professor of Law, University of London

WOW, I am so impressed, from the first phone call I made I have had nothing but helpful and timely communications with UK Transcription. I have used transcription companies before but UK Transcription is so far better than the others. I will definitely be doing more work with them and would highly recommend! Thank you UK Transcription team!
Date of Posting: 27 June 2011
Posted By: Louise Douris
Commercial Operations

I would highly recommend the UK Transcription company. Due to newspaper early deadlines, we have needed transcriptions turned around very quickly and the Transcription company have always delivered great service and on time.
Date of Posting: 21 June 2011
Posted By: Edwina
PA Daily Mail

I want to write to say how excellent the service is that I received from UKtranscriptions. From day one I got help and advice - Alanna in particular was absolutely amazing and really wonderful to work with and truly one of the nicest people I've been in contact with for a very long time. I will certainly be using this service again in the near future.
Date of Posting: 20 June 2011
Posted By: Patrick
Designer / Editor

Excellent service. Staff were friendly and helpful, the transcripts were delivered slightly ahead of schedule. Would most certainly use again.
Date of Posting: 24 May 2011
Posted By: Anon

UK Transcription provide a great service for a remarkably competitive price at a high level of quality. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.
Date of Posting: 20 May 2011
Posted By: Paul Nixon

As a first time customer Corporate Jet Investor is absolutely delighted. We had arranged a roundtable discussion with bankers, lawyers and business jet salespeople in Johannesburg discussing relatively technical subjects. UK Transcription saved us many hours of work - and was far more accurate than we would have been. We will definitely use them again.
Date of Posting: 11 May 2011
Posted By: Alasdair Whyte

Thank you so much Alanna,

Your services are excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend you in future. I was particularly glad that I got to speak to the same person each time and the phone was always answered promptly with all questions answered to my satisfaction.

Have a lovely day,

Kind regards,

Date of Posting: 18 April 2011
Posted By: Bruce

I work for a large education institution that runs a number of online courses. Many of these courses have audio and video podcasts that need to be transcribed so that the materials are accessible. I enjoy working with UK Transcription because they are friendly, consistent, accurate, fast and highly professional. It's great to be able to rely on their service.
Date of Posting: 17 November 2010
Posted By: Anon
Project Manager

Thanks once again for such a fast response - you and the team have really pulled me out of a large hole on a crucial project, so please accept my eternal gratitude!!
Date of Posting: 09 November 2010
Posted By: T.H.

Animate Projects uses UK Transcription to transcribe interviews for - an online magazine about artists and filmmakers. It can be a tricky job - we're often recording interviews in noisy cafes or bars, and people are always referring to obscure foreign names and film titles.

We've been astounded by the accuracy. The service is efficient, reliable, speedy, and very good value. It's made our jobs a lot easier, and made us very happy!

Date of Posting: 29 October 2010
Posted By: Gary Thomas
Co-director Animate Projects

We started using UK Transcription Ltd recently after we started interviewing new potential customers as part of our marketing studies. We initially found that just making notes at meetings was not enough, as often we missed critical detail and so we started to record the meetings and have them transcribed; in this way we lose nothing and we have the meeting in a written format to refer to in the future.

We found the whole process of using UK Transcription Ltd very simple. Recordings were very easily downloaded, their quotes always arrive the same day, their price structure is easy to understand and the transcription always arrived on time.

The quality of the transcription is always very good even though a lot of content is very technical and often English is not the native tongue of many interviewees so accents can make life difficult.

We would wholly recommend them to anyone.
Date of Posting: 24 October 2010
Posted By: Cliff Harris
Sales Manager Inficon Ltd

Thanks very much for the transcripts... very accurate and well presented.
Date of Posting: 09 August 2010
Posted By: Senior Producer

We often need quick and reliable transcriptions for a variety of purposes and UK Transcription provides this.
Date of Posting: 02 June 2010
Posted By: Dr Philip Pothen
Head of Communications AHRC

We had an urgent job that was pretty tricky sound quality wise - they did a great job -and on time: which was pretty demanding to say the least.
Date of Posting: 23 May 2010
Posted By: Dr. Peter Lenney
Lancaster University Management School

As an evidence based charity, we undertake a large amount of research to support our work. This was the first time I have used UK Transcription and I will definitely use them again in future. Their prices were incredibly competitive, and the transcriptions were right on time, great quality (particularly given quiet sound recordings, with lots of background noise) and hassle-free. Thank you.
Date of Posting: 15 May 2010
Posted By: Lucy Hawkins
National Literacy Trust

We use UK Transcription for our research & consultation work with young people in Camden.

They give us immediate quotes, presented in a simple way with different option which makes choosing the service that suit my specific needs very easy, and they are affordable!
Date of Posting: 05 March 2010
Posted By: Donovan Wagner
Youth Participation Worker Fitzrovia Youth in Action (FYA)

I'd like to thank you and your team for all your efforts over the last month or so and I'd like to say that I have been very impressed by the level of service you offer. I was particularly pleased that you have kept me fully informed of progress, and dealt efficiently with all my requests. I will certainly use UK Transcription again and will recommend your services to others who are looking for transcription.

Date of Posting: 20 February 2010
Posted By: T.R.
Research Fellow University of Northumbia at Newcastle

Really easy, just go online and email over the request. The quote is
then emailed back to me really quickly. Its so simple to use it does exactly what it says on the box. Because it is prepared all online it is emailed back to me in the time frame I have requested and I then send on to our customer.
Date of Posting: 05 January 2010
Posted By: S. G.
Sales Support Administrator Comxo

UK transcription are vital for my work on organisational development, I love the ease of use, response times and all round friendly professionalism of the company.

Date of Posting: 05 October 2009
Posted By: Toby Lindsay
Principal, Regency College

I used UK transcription for processing data from an academic research project on the recommendation of a colleague. We had lots of recorded interviews and focus groups and it was great to be able to use UK Transcription for processing this data.
Date of Posting: 23 July 2009
Posted By: Dr Mary Stevens
Research Associate University College London

UK Transcription have helped me out on many occasions and I have found them very quick and reliable and will be using them again.
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