Transcript Template Options

Our standard transcript template is presented in Word .docx format for ease of further editing, and delivered by email attachment.

Speaker Tracking

Speakers are identified (diarised) by full name where known, or otherwise as 'Interview' or 'Respondent'. Our standard service includes full speaker tracking for up to three primary speakers, with further speakers tracked generically. 

Custom Formats

If you have specific requirements, we are happy to keep a customed template on file for consistency. Complex requirements may attract further charges. If you have specific requirements, please feel free to contact us for a bespoke quote.

Verbatim Level

A standard 'clean' verbatim transcript provides a full and accurate level of detail, whilst omitting stutters, erms and filler words, where these not meaningful. A strict verbatim transcript, which includes all filler words,  is also available for an extra charge.

Inaudibles and Timestamps

Every unclear or inaudible word is time stamped for ease of further checking.  Periodic timestamps are available at an extra charge of 5p per timestamp, per minute.

Verbatim Levels

By default, all transcripts are provided in our standard 'clean' verbatim format. If you have specific requirements, please discuss these with us prior to ordering.

Strict Verbatim

A strict verbatim transcript includes every word, stutter, cough and grammatical error exactly as spoken. This format attracts further charges and requires a bespoke quote. Please contact us for details.

I, I, umm, I work at a h-hotel. My job title is not, umm well it's, umm, well it's not set in stone actually. I don't, umm, have a strictly defined role in the, um, company.

Clean Verbatim

A clean verbatim transcript is full and accurate transcript, which is lightly and intelligently edited to remove filler words, minimise stutters and to improve readability.
I work at a hotel. My job title is not, umm.... well it is not set in stone, actually. I do not have a strictly defined role in the company.

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