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Interview Transcription

UK Transcription specialises in interview transcripts. Sectors covered include patient interviews, HR, business, academia, health, social care, change management, disciplinary hearings, and media interviews. Rates for longer turnarounds start from £1 a minute.  


Automatic Transcription

Machine generated transcripts are available for a flat rate 15p per audio minute. Accuracy can vary enormously with audio quality, so free samples are offered with no obligation to proceed. Please email for a sample. We can also offer custom quotes for polishing up automatic transcripts. However if accuracy is required, it's often cheaper and quicker to transcribe manually from scratch.  


Focus Group Transcription

In person focus groups without formal structure, can be very challenging to transcribe accurately , due to the organic nature of discussion, distance of speakers from the microphone, and presence of cross talk. Focus group pricing does vary so please do contact us for a quote for your specific audio, but pricing is higher, around £2 per minute for tracked group audio.


Zoom Transcription

Online meetings are often easier to transcribe than in person meetings, mainly because each participant uses a separate microphone. Also cross talking is minimised, and video offers further assistance. For this reason large online group attract a relatively small surcharge.


Strict Verbatim Transcription

Strict verbatim is a transcription format that includes every utterance, stutter, cough and mistake. Verbatim transcripts can be time consuming to produce. Pricing generally starts at £1.25 per minute. 


Example Template

An example of our standard transcript format is displayed below. This template has margins designed for clean readability, with plenty of space for comments.





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