Interview Transcription Services

 Rates for longer turnaround times start at just £1 per minute.  

A variety of transcript templates and export formats are available. Or supply your own custom template. Email your requirements to

All audio formats are supported. Most text, transcript and subtitle formats are offered. Please contact us with any special template or workflow requirements, and we would be happy to quote for your bespoke needs.

 We specialise in research and business, but also cover various industries, including:

  1. Patient interviews
  2. Human resources
  3. Business and corporate
  4. Academia and research
  5. Healthcare and medical
  6. Social care and community services
  7. Change management and organizational development
  8. Disciplinary hearings and legal proceedings
  9. Media interviews, including radio, television, and podcasts
  10. Market research and focus groups
  11. Government and public sector interviews
  12. Non-profit and charity organizations
  13. Technology and innovation
  14. Finance and banking
  15. Environmental and sustainability studies
  16. Cultural and arts-related discussions
  17. Sports and athletics


Focus Group Transcription Services

Transcribing in-person focus groups, especially those without a formal structure, can be a challenging task due to the organic nature of discussions, varying distances of speakers from the microphone, and the presence of cross-talk. Despite these complexities, our team at UK Transcription is well-equipped to handle focus group transcriptions with accuracy and efficiency.

As focus group transcription requirements can vary significantly, we encourage you to contact us for a custom quote tailored to your specific audio needs. Please note that the pricing for focus group transcription services is generally higher, averaging around £2 per minute for tracked group audio. This reflects the additional effort needed to ensure accurate transcriptions of these dynamic and multi-layered conversations.

By choosing UK Transcription for your focus group transcription needs, you can rely on our experience and expertise to deliver high-quality transcripts that capture the essence and detail of your group discussions, enabling you to gain valuable insights from your research.



Strict Verbatim Transcription Services

Strict verbatim transcription is a specialised format that captures every detail of an audio recording, including stutters, utterances, coughs, and mistakes. This type of transcription provides an exact, word-for-word representation of the audio, ensuring that every nuance is preserved for analysis or documentation purposes.

Due to the meticulous nature of strict verbatim transcriptions, they can be more time-consuming to produce than standard transcriptions. As a result, pricing for this service generally starts at £1.25 per minute, reflecting the additional effort required to deliver highly accurate transcripts that capture every aspect of the audio.


Standard Transcript Template

Below is an example of our standard transcript format, which has been designed with clear readability in mind and offers ample space for comments. This template serves as a starting point for our transcription services, and we are happy to customise the format according to your preferences or requirements. Reach out to us to discuss any special formatting requests, and our team will work to ensure that your transcripts are tailored to your needs.  


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