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UK Transcription Ltd is an audio transcription service based in Brighton, specialising in academic, business and research interview transcription.


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Client Testimonials


Thank you, I am very impressed, the transcriber has done a great job with paragraphs and punctuation, and also at intelligently guessing the sense, the technical vocabulary, and the proper names, with queries given a helpful temporal index in case I want to double-check them. But in fact there are literally no errors for me to fix. Cambridge University Lecturer

Brilliant as always. Very fast service, transcription was very comprehensive, thank you.

I used UK transcription for processing data from an academic research project on the recommendation of a colleague. We had lots of recorded interviews and focus groups and it was great to be able to use UK Transcription for processing this data. Dr Mary Stevens, Research Associate University College London

dWe often need quick and reliable transcriptions for a variety of purposes and UK Transcription provides this.d  Dr Philip Pothen, Head of Communications AHRC


Thanks very much for the transcripts. Very accurate and well presented. Senior Producer, BBC

I would highly recommend the UK Transcription company. Due to newspaper early deadlines, we have needed transcriptions turned around very quickly and the Transcription company have always delivered great service and on time.  Edwina  P., Daily Mail

UK Transcription have helped me out on many occasions and I have found them very quick and reliable and will be using them again.
. Jacqui Swift Journalist, The Sun

cWe're often recording interviews in noisy cafes or bars, and people are always referring to obscure foreign names and film titles. We've been astounded by the accuracy. The service is efficient, reliable, speedy, and very good value. It's made our jobs a lot easier, and made us very happy.
c Gary Thomas, Animate Projects

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The quality of this transcript is first class; congratulations to the audio-typist who transcribed quite technical financial language with great accuracy and with no 'unclears' in the text. Paul Nicholson, Thomson Reuters

I was amazed at the speed of return of the transcripts and how well presented they were. I am looking forward to working with them again. d Noelle Keating, Team Coordinator

As an evidence based charity, we undertake a large amount of research to support our work. Their prices were incredibly competitive, and the transcriptions were right on time, great quality (particularly given quiet sound recordings, with lots of background noise) and hassle-free. Thank you. q Lucy Hawkins  National Literacy Trust

dUK Transcription provide a great service for a remarkably competitive price at a high level of quality. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.d Paul Nixon, CEO